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Photography of all kinds has a strong online presence as it appears in almost all the different kinds of media, news, social and others plus of course there are even today, websites which are all about photography and photographs. Although this is good for photographers and photography in general as there is a continuous need for more photos, that need is trying to be filled by a growing number of budding photographers. This creates a situation where many photographers that try to make a reasonable business or at least some profit from their photography, are disappointed unless they of course can show a strong internet presence, one which is stronger than other photographers.

In order to achieve this better online presence, many photographers create their own websites where they can display their work and their abilities. These sites are also very numerous though a photographer needs yet another edge in order to capture their share of the plentiful potential business opportunities. In order to acquire this additional edge, many of the more savvy photographers go to websites like My Photo CTO which are especially designed to help photographers develop their websites into very visible and effective marketing tools.

Although most photographers are of course very capable of taking good, professional class photographs, not so many are as knowledgeable about website design or development and so need assistance in that area and that is what the specialist websites, like the mentioned above, can provide. These specialist websites have been designed for photographers by photographers but the photographers that created them are also experts in website development. With their knowledge of the two disciplines they have created these websites in order to help others either learn or take advantage of their knowledge.

Although a photograph may be very good and it has been downloaded onto a computer and that is fine that anyone on that computer can see the excellence of the photography but how do they get the photo online to a website which will give it the best visibility? There are of course several sites that will accept photos but how do you get it seen in a way that will bring the photographer fame or money?

The specialist websites are aware of all the different software packages available today and so can advise photographers which packages they should get and in many cases, can provide that software for them. This may seem simple and anyone can just buy software and then use it to display their photos, which is true except for the fact that as it is so easy, everyone is already doing that and so you gain no edge. How you gain the edge is not by just knowing the different software but knowing how to successfully blend them and add your photos. It is this more unique capability which the specialist websites can teach the photographers that visit their site.

The work for photographers is there, it is just a case of knowing how to market your photos better than the other photographers.

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